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Stress-Free Vacation Planning

We plan your entire trip from the flights to the sights.

Personalized Service

Trips are customized to meet not only your travel needs, but your travel wants.

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At Michael’s Concierge Travel, we work to take the stress out of vacation planning. Rather than reading hundreds of reviews and wasting your valuable time, allow us to plan your dream vacation for you. Michael’s Concierge Travel will plan your trip from the sights, to the flights, to even the best places to eat breakfast. We’ve got you covered from takeoff to landing.

Planning Your Trip

When planning your trip, Michael’s Concierge Travel takes everything into consideration. We understand that the details are just as important as the destination. The best part? Your trip is completely customized to not only fit your travel needs, but also your travel wants.

Customized Service

At Michael’s Concierge Travel we talk to you to ensure the perfect travel experience. We create a travel profile based on your past and present experiences, and what you want your future travel to look like. Our personalized questionnaire allows us to customize your trip to fit your unique vision.

Michael’s expertise has literally saved me thousands of dollars!

I had a business trip to Sweden where my client was paying for my flight (business class Raleigh to Copenhagen). He was not paying for my wife. A business class ticket (RDU to Londaon Heathrow, then onto Copenhagen) was $3,600. Obviously, it would cost me that much for my wife too.

Michael said, “Don’t fly through Heathrow. Because of fuel surcharges and taxes, it’s the most expensive airport in the world.” He said, “Fly through JFK, it’ll be cheaper.” He found me a business class ticket on Norwegian Air for $1,800! When I told my client he agreed to also pay for my wife. Thanks Michael!

Michael also informed me of a special deal Southwest had on their credit cards that could get me 70,000 points, which would count toward my 2015 companion pass (you need 110,000 points in a calendar year). Even though I already had a Southwest card, Michael found out that as long as I applied for a different kind of Southwest card I’d qualify for the deal. I did it, allowing me to qualify for the companion pass for 2015 by June of 2014, allowing my wife to fly free whenever she flies with me. Again, thanks Michael!

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